Finally, after much searching, we have found a dream home for the true petrolhead. Located in Tappen, British Columbia this property is set across five acres of land and includes a two-bedroom mobile home, 900 square-feet restoration workshop, 1,200 square-feet steel building and over 340 vintage cars.

Yes, you read that correctly; included as part of the deal is a collection of over 340 vintage cars.

The current owner has decided to retire wanting a more simple life. So, his car salvage business and the hundreds of classic cars that sit on the surrounding land must go in what has to be the greatest automotive fire sale of recent times.

This vast collection consists of mostly two-door vintage cars including an ultra rare 1966 Pontiac Beaumont, and a 1927 Ford Model T truck. Elsewhere, scattered throughout the five acres of land is the who’s who of American muscle cars of various eras including a cluster of Dodge Demon’s, Challenger’s, and Plymouth Roadrunners to name just a few.

Hiding among the staggering amount of American cars though is the sole European representative in the form of a slightly unloved looking BMW E21.

The one slight downside of acquiring this considerable collection – every single one of the cars is in dire need of restoration work.

Assuming that most of them were junked for a reason in the first place, all have been left outside to the harsh elements of many B.C. winters, meaning all are in need of significant restoration work before seeing the road again.

The listing states that the property is “perfect for vintage auto enthusiast who loves to work and live in beautiful area.”

Finally we get onto the important talk of money, if you want this five-acres of vintage cars, it can be yours for a cool CA$1.45 million, which sounds like a bargain to us.

In the market for a five-acre car collection and have a lot of time on your hands? The listing can be found HERE.


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